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Shelved Mega Charizard (Flying)


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Mega Charizard Y is a superb wallbreaker, being able to KO bulky walls such as Zapdos and Hippowdon. It also has Drought, which weakens Water-type attacks and enables it to use Solar Beam without needing to charge. Its great coverage in Solar Beam and Focus Blast means it can get past some of its would-be checks and counters such as Swampert and Tyranitar, and access to Defog gives Fire teams a secondary form of entry hazard control. Mega Charizard Y's Flying typing makes it immune to Ground-type attacks, which gives it opportunities to wallbreak, and decent special bulk along with reliable recovery in Roost allows it to take most special attacks with ease. However, Mega Charizard Y is 4x weak to Stealth Rock, so Rapid Spin support from Torkoal is almost always necessary. It also doesn't have the best Defense stat, which means it is particularly susceptible to physical attackers such as Garchomp and Mega Sharpedo. Mega Charizard Y is extremely predictable because of its limited coverage options.
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